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Whether you are planning a grand event, a small dinner party, or an intimate dinner for two, ensuring you have the consummate wine and food pairings is a fine touch.
If you are new or inexperienced when it comes to pairing wine and food, think of it as an enjoyable challenge - don’t be intimidated. Food and wine pairing is like an artistic endeavor, so have some fun with it, and don’t be fooled by hard and fast rules.
It's all about thinking outside the wine bottle, so to speak. Let’s look at four outstanding wines, and play around with some new ideas.

1. Merlot - Moncharm
Merlot unfortunately (and unfairly) took a huge hit following the movie “Sideways” in 2004. Sometimes dubbed “The Sideways Effect,” sales of Merlot took a dive when the lead character in the movie stubbornly refused to touch it.
However, Merlot has stood the test of time, and deservedly so. It harmonizes beautifully with a number of dishes and tastes, and is a fabulous choice for poultry dishes or light meats. Medium-bodied Merlot is a perfect accompaniment to a simple roast chicken dinner. So pick this one when you want to serve something simple, but refined.
For an elegant, medium-bodied version, try Château Pavie Decesse 2008. This blend (90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc) brings aromatics of boysenberry, jammy black fruit, coffee, an abundance of fine tannins, combined with layers of rich ripe fruit. Wait until about 2016 for the richest experience.

2. Cabernet Sauvignon -
This savory wine has a high amount of tannins, which makes it more complex and layered. Some describe it as deep and earthy. Good for pairing with fatty meat dishes, or other rich, flavorful foods.
Have a fun evening of gourmet pizza making with a group of friends, and get out the Sassicaia 2006, an exquisite blend of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon (85%) and Cabernet Franc (15%). You will delight in the intoxicating scent of ripe dark fruits and cedar, without being overpowered.

3. Pinot Noir -
The plush, velvet, earthy and smoky, sweet-berry, spice-toned qualities of Pinot Noir make it a perfect match for traditionally “white wine dishes.” Begin your dinner with an assortment of mild, creamy cheeses (such as Camembert, Brie or Havarti) and pair it with DRC Romanée-St-Vivant 2007.
This multi-layered, aromatically complex wine has the full spectrum of perfume, spice, sweet dark cherries and other dark fruits.
For a superb pairing that will make your guests quite happy, prepare a savory herb and garlic roasted pork tenderloin, and homemade mashed potatoes made with real cream and butter. The fruity tones in the wine are a perfect complement to the heavier meal.

4. Champagne -
Everyone knows that you serve Champagne with oysters and caviar, right? Well, sometimes. Other times you’d rather enjoy a delightful taste of Champagne minus the tuxedo or evening gown.
Enjoy a casual yet intimate “snack-style” dinner for two by breaking out the Krug 1996 and kicking back with some fried mushrooms, or cocktail sausages. If you’re shocked, don’t be. Hearty, rich snack foods are decadent when paired with Champagne.
Krug 1996 delights aromatically with tangy lemony apple, and a fresh feel. This golden potion balances out the heavier flavors of rich, salty snack foods.

Have fun with it! -
Just as with cooking, you can mix and match flavors, break some rules, and just play around with it!
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