Sunday, 22 April 2012

Chateau Leoville Barton 2006 Tasting

The Leoville Barton tasting at Moncharm
I have tasted this second growth Bordeaux twice thus far, once with my colleagues at Moncharm and again at home. It performed slightly better on the latter occasion as it had a little while longer in the decanter to open up. The Leoville Barton 2006 has a very lovely upfront nose of tobacco, vanilla and lead pencil and is very strong and fragrant.  Once in the glass has a very purple almost blue hue to it.  On the palate there is a lovely black raspberry taste, then you are hit with the mouth puckering acidity with a very tannic finish as it’s still very young but don’t be fooled there is a very fine balance going on here, between its youthful tannins and the acidity. Quite pleasant to drink now with a nice dinner but it would most definitively benefit from another 5+ years cellaring time. A tough choice to make however, in hindsight I’m glad I opened it when I did. This proved to be quite a red herring as I did not expect it to perform quite as well as it did, I look forward to tasting this in the years to come to see how it evolves. Impressive! Given the price I may invest in a case for future drinking.


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